The AIWCC is passionate about making a difference locally and globally, as demonstrated through our support of organizations focused on helping others in need. Our fundraising efforts span the spectrum throughout the club’s calendar year, September thru June. 

In 2006, the Club received its article of incorporation as a nonprofit organization (e.V. status) and stipulated through its constitution a commitment to help the local and international community at large, with a specific focus on women and children. Our philanthropic efforts are managed by a group of committed women who make up the Charities Committee, and whose Chair sits on the AIWCC board to ensure all actions are consistent with the overarching objectives of the Club. Throughout the year the proceeds rasied go directly to the General Charities Fund and are distributed at the end of the calendar year. 

Charity recommendations often come directly from our members or through on-going dialogue with a particular organization and its leaders. We encourage our charity partners to keep us abreast of their good works, future projects and how donated funds are being utilized. Due to this, open and transparent communication, we have developed wonderful relationships with the remarkable people and their charities. While our efforts are focused on working with them long term and building lasting relationships, we are passionate about partnering with one or two new organizations every year. 

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