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Currently in 2017-2018, the AIWCC is committed to raising funds for two charities; one local and one global. The local charity organization from 2016 - 2019 is the Handwerkerinnenhaus Koeln e.v. in Cologne. The Handwerkerinnenhaus Koeln e.v. is aligned with our mission to help girls through academic education. The core project is the Maedchen Projekt Zukunft, which assists those girls who have stopped trying and lost interest in elementary school and beyond. It is a preventive approach to help the girls realize a vocational future in a field that is not typically seen as a “women’s profession.” It helps the girls to motivate themselves to finish school and also become an alternative place for learning, saving the girls from simply dropping out of school. The girls gain confidence; develop a new perspective on life, and a potential career. This project reaches more than 1,100 girls every year.

 Beginning in July 2013, the AIWCC aligned its charity efforts with the FAWCO Target Program. The AIWCC is a member of FAWCO. 

The Target Program draws upon FAWCO's first Resolution: 'To improve the lives of women and girls worldwide, especially in the areas of human rights, health, education and environment.' All Target Projects will focus on women and girls and will address one of the four issues (human rights, health, education and environment) on a rotating basis. The FAWCO Target Program runs on a three year cycle (1 year for project selection and two years for fundraising). 

The 2017-2018 global charity is Hope Beyond Displacement, the FAWCO Target Project. This project is an initiative of the Collateral Repair Project. The selection was announced at FAWCO's Biennial Conference in Mumbai in April 2017, after a year of vetting and reviewing potential candidates. AIWCC member, Mary Dobrian, spoke about the Target Project at the Annual General Meeting along with Target Program Chair and AIWCC member Tricia Saur, and covered it briefly in the September/October 2017 bulletin (pp. 18-19). 

There is extensive information about the Target Project on the FAWCO website: You can also subscribe to the monthly Target Bulletin, which Tricia Saur publishes every month. 

The Charities Committee organizes a variety of charitable events throughout the year in order to raise money for our General Charities Fund. The below list outlines organizations supported through our fund in 2010 to 2013. 

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