A Welcoming Message from Our President...

Welcome to the AIWCC. We’re so glad you’re here!

What brings you to our fair city - adventure, school, your work, your partner’s work, or did you simply come for love?

How long will you be here - very short-term, the typical three to five year expat work assignment, or are you a potential “lifer” with an undetermined length of stay?

No matter why or for how long you’ve landed in Cologne, you have now found a home in the AIWCC. When you become a member of the AIWCC, you’re not just joining a club; you’re becoming a member of the family. Many of us are very far away from home and for some, this is our first exposure to a new and completely unfamiliar culture. That can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating, however, the club is here to help and to make your adjustment to your new life easier.

Who are we? Our membership is approximately one-third American, one-third German and one-third everyone else! There are over 20 countries represented in the AIWCC. Our one commonality is that we all speak English. This diversity of our membership weaves the beautiful tapestry that is the AIWCC. We all have a personal story to tell and we can all learn a great deal from each other. Being part of an international community enriches us all in ways we may not have imagined and leads to lifelong friendships as we bond over our adopted new city and its customs, homesickness, travel and the often amusing (and sometimes stressful) experiences of expat life.

What do we do? Our purpose is twofold. From a social standpoint, we provide an instant social network - a place to make friends and find much needed support, and, above all, a place to speak English. When you don’t speak a word of German, this is greatly comforting as your new friends can help you navigate through those initial anxiety provoking experiences at the grocery store and the post office, and that first experience on the tram. The club also gives each of us the opportunity to be part of something much bigger than our own personal community. The AIWCC has a long and impressive history of philanthropy, on both local and international levels. We are a FAWCO member club www.fawco.org and very proud to be part of an international community of over 12,000 women, working together to impact and improve the lives of women and children worldwide.

How can I get involved? Join an activity! We offer over 40 monthly activities including weekly coffees, monthly dinners, book group, Stitch ‘n Bitch, singing, German conversation, groups for our moms and little people, our Charity Committee and more. There is truly something for everyone. Additionally, we celebrate all major U.S. holidays and Cologne Karneval.

So, whether you simply want to speak English, are looking to make friends, are seeking help and support in adjusting to your new surroundings, are exploring opportunities for business networking, or you just want to make a difference in the world through charitable fundraising, we look forward to your joining us. Welcome to Cologne!

Warm regards,

Janet Davis 

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